More people are turning to payday loans than conventional credit cards

The number of consumers taking out and using credit cards is declining. However, borrowing is fast being replaced by payday loans that are easier to obtain.



According to the latest research from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), people within the UK paid off some of their unsecured debts in 2011, but they were still left with financial problems.

Credit cards are not the preferred option as people are turning to payday loans as a faster alternative to obtaining cash fast.

The report found that credit cards are ‘feeling the strain’ as consumers need to rely on other means of gaining money faster. The PwC found that the number of credit cards in circulation and the total amount borrowed on them over the last 12 months has fallen, suggesting that UK consumers were turning to other forms of payment. Despite this, the average credit card balance was at around £1,000.

Simon Westcott, Director of PwC’s Financial Services practice, commented: “UK consumers are among the most indebted in the world, with the average UK household still saddled with nearly £8,000 of unsecured debt. Although the UK Government’s austerity drive appears to be hitting home, with households paying off an average of £355 worth of their debt in 2011, three years of austerity by UK consumers has only made a small dent in the total levels of borrowing.”

The total outstanding credit fell by 5% last year, declining at a faster rate than the previous year.

“45 years since it was first introduced, the credit card is suffering a midlife crisis. Consumers discarded nearly one million cards in 2011, taking the number of credit cards in circulation down to levels not seen for almost a decade,” continued Mr Westcott can help source your payday loan. However, its important to remember payday loans are fully repayable on your next payday.


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One in four people in the UK are now taking a payday loan

Research conducted by Vincent Bond and Co suggests 28% of people who are struggling to make ends meet have taken out a payday loan to help with their finances.

Payday loans in the UK are rapidly increasing with four times as many people using these loans in 2009 compared to 2006.

In 2009 1.2m people took out loans with total lending spiralling to £1.2bn while 3.5m people are expected to take a payday loan in the next six months of 2012.

Steve Rees, managing director of Vincent Bond & Co, said: “Since the start of the 2009 recession there has been a boom in the payday loan market.

“For some debtors, the only answer they can think of is resorting to a payday loan.

The firm revealed that  unemployment was one of the major causes of financial problems with one customer stating: “Due to the recession I was made redundant and had to relocate to find work.

“I found a job but with less pay my debt started to build up from trying to cover the  costs of living.”

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Loan Requirements for a Quid Advance

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